Spiralogics Application Architecture

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Important Features



  • Create entities with all widely used controls (for e.g., text box, dropdown, date picker, checkbox, radiobox, and many others)
  • Customize each controls (for ex: min length, max length, default value, pattern, regex, masking, validation, and others)
  • Clone entity or forms
  • Generate CRUD pages from entities without creating each page manually
  • Create entities from Excel file
  • Drag and drop controls



  • Create customized pages
  • Clone pages
  • Design pages with containers (for e.g. DIV, Panel, Grid, Tabs)
  • Create public pages
  • Create dynamic pages
  • Personalize pages
  • Embed HTML
  • Built-in HTML editor
  • Interactive dashboard builder
  • Available dashboard components: Counters, Aggregates, Doughnut chart, Pie charts, Line graphs
  • Define custom CTA (Call To Action)
  • Preview changes before publishing the application
  • Predefined processes like Save, Delete, Accept, Reject, and Email
  • Easy customization of look and feel of page components
  • Custom CSS classes



  • Create multiple workflows
  • Graphical representation of workflows
  • Drag and drop endpoints, connections, and decision points for each workflow
  • Seamless integration of workflows and processes
  • Undo changes



  • Create custom menus
  • Role-based menus
  • Multi-level menus
  • Clone menus


Email Integration

  • Setup email notifications, reminders, schedules (schedules to be completed)
  • Setup email template like a mail merge document
  • Auto trigger email notification to users based on data update
  • Unlimited email templates
  • Auto-generate email based on processes or workflow


User Management

  • Easy user management
  • Define multiple roles to the same user


Document Generator

  • Create unlimited document templates
  • Easily merge data fields into the document template
  • Generate documents real time
  • Schedule document generation


Reporting / Ad-hoc Reports

  • Create Ad-hoc Reports
  • Create reports using SQL queries
  • Data visualizations (for e.g., charts, dashboard, and others)


Roles Management

  • Create custom roles
  • Roles driven application, menus, workflows, emails, and pages


And many more..

  • Custom on-screen alerts
  • Profile management – change name, address, password, etc..
  • Publish ready to use application in seconds
  • Generate account level reports
  • Create custom processes not already defined
  • Auto update data based on custom defined triggers
  • Create custom processes not already defined
  • Auto update data based on custom defined triggers

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